Lavayda Signature Line of Skin and Hair Care is Exclusive to clients of Lavayda. These are formulated with “YOU” in mind... 

Lalena Scott is a life long resident of Vancouver Island and mother of two lovely young women. She has worked on developing an integration of “The Natural Life” meets “High Tech” in beauty and health as a lifelong passion. 



I have visited hair specialists in Canada and the U.S. about my hair loss for the past 10 years. I have spent a LOT of money on products and services and doctors' advice. I've had every test in the book, to no avail. No one could tell me what was wrong - my hormones were normal, my iron levels good, etc. I had, quite honestly, given up and was considering a wig.
THEN - my hair stylist recommended Lalena at Lavayda in Parksville. After just one needling treatment, my hair 'felt' fuller and I could see little hairs coming in around my hairline. After two treatments I could see and feel 'fluff' growing in all my bald spots. By treatment three, most of my bald spots had grown back in!! Yesterday was my fourth treatment and I am hooked - people are commenting on my "thick hair" and I now have much thicker hair than I have had in 10 years. I will continue every couple of months because my crown is still not as thick as it used to be, but my fingers can feel little spikes in that area, so I know that they are enroute! I really recommend this service from Lalena - she is honest, compassionate and professional. I travel from Courtenay to Parksville for the treatment and would follow her anywhere.

—  Catherine Swincoe

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Parksville : 106-198 Island Hwy E. Parksville, BC. Canada

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