The COVID-19 pandemic has found a lot of us still stuck at home, working from our kitchen tables or makeshift desks, and taken away from our normal routines.

A rise in stress levels associated with the coronavirus outbreak has, without question, caused skin flare-ups.

As if 2020 wasn’t already a dumpster fire with affable hugs among friends having to beabandoned and hand sanitizer replacing your favourite lipstick as a must have item in your purse … now we have to deal with maskne.

If you are suffering from skin breakouts a little more than usual right now it might not just be the added anxiety of the coronavirus that has created extra pimples on your face.

It could be what dermatologists call maskne (mask + acne).

It's not pretty

As the name suggests, it is a type of breakout that results from wearing a face mask.

This irritating side effect of stopping the spread of the virus is not pretty.

The skin around the nose, mouth and chin is delicate and those white heads and black heads in the areas where your face mask contacts your skin directly can be downright nasty.

As maskne progresses, tiny breakouts can become irritated and progress to more unsightly inflamed blemishes.

Those with pre-existing acne and other related skin conditions may experience more frequent bouts of maskne and in more severe cases it looks like a diaper rash spread across the lower half of your face.

Healthcare and other Essential Workers most at risk

Healthcare and other essential workers are most at risk of suffering from skin issues, due to tighter-fitting masks worn for longer periods of time but you don’t need to wear protective gear for hours on end to experience unwelcome side effects.

When we first shifted to working from home, some of us were thrilled to have our skin get a much-needed breather from pour clogging makeup and pimples were banished. 

But these days more people are wearing masks for an extended period of time a lot of them have noticed they now have zits.

Prior to the pandemic, this form of facial irritation referred to as acne mechanica by dermatologists, was experienced mostly by athletes due to the sweat, heat, and friction in their helmets and straps.

How it's caused

Acne mechanica in general is triggered by pores being blocked by sweat, oil, and makeup.

Breathing for hours with a mask on creates humidity and forms a breeding ground for acne.

The friction of the mask can also block and clog pores.

Since masks are becoming mandatory in many places, it’s important to do whatever we can to overcome concerns about wearing them and learn how to mitigate any skin reactions we may suffer.

The good news is you can still have a beautiful complexion while protecting yourself and others by wearing a mask.

As we adapt to our new lifestyle there are measures we can take to ensure that we’re living in the healthiest possible way we can, given the circumstances and wearing a clean mask is a good start.

1 - Avoid using your mask again and again because acne-causing bacteria can build up inside it.

2 - If you have a disposable mask, throw it away and grab a fresh one for a new day.

3 - If you have a cloth-based mask, wash it after every use and have two or three so you can switch it up.

Face masks have become the accessory of 2020 so why not have a few of them.

Many of them are stylish and designed to match your cute outfits.

4 - Make sure you wash your face before and after wearing a face mask.

A good face cleansing routine is essential in preventing acne flare-ups.

5 - Consider skipping foundations and concealers while wearing a face mask. Their heavy formulations, combined with the enhanced humidity under the mask, could affect your skin’s sebum production and potentially lead to an increase in clogged pores and breakouts.

Why not take advantage of this time to let your skin breathe. 

One excellent way to clear your face of unwanted bumps and blemishes and restore its lustre is with our

Ultrasonic Squeaky Clean Facial

This state of the art facial operates with low frequency sound waves to cleanse and exfoliate.

Preventing and treating maskne involves removing dead skin cells and creeping bacteria from your face.

The best way of doing that is to exfoliate your skin's surface to remove build up and unclog pores.

The ultrasound facial is a quick, pain free beauty service that turns your complexion from dull and dry to bright, vibrant, and smooth in under an hour.

It is suitable for all skin types as a gentle and effective method of skin rejuvenation.

Acne prone skin can benefit from the ultrasonic treatment.

Exfoliation helps reduce the occurrence of acne and blackhead breakouts

The ultrasonic facial device also removes dirt and debris stuck deep inside your pores. Washing your skin alone will not accomplish this. Pores become clogged, they appear larger. Removing the wastes from your skin will allow the pores to contract in size.

The ultrasonic treatment will leave your skin refreshed and smooth in just one treatment. Serums and moisturizers are better absorbed in the skin giving you better anti-aging results.

As the fear of a second Covid-19 wave looms it means the new reality of living in little bubbles with social distancing and face mask wearing will likely be our new normal for the foreseeable future so be sure to keep up a good skin health regime and a positive attitude.

With so many lash serums on the market today, it's truly difficult to determine the difference between all of them. Some are designed for “Conditioning”, some for “Length” only, and yet others ( the $20 brands you see on Amazon) really do nothing at all! Long Lashing Complex addresses Cleansing, Conditioning, Strength, Volume and Length in a simple to use once a day application.

MarkusScottCosmeceuticals approach to lash care stems from the same care that you would put into your hair and scalp everyday. You cleanse your hair and treat it with nourishing ingredients to protect and provide you healthy and lustrous locks that everybody will notice. Long Lashing Complex is designed to treat your lashes and brows with the same care... but in only one step with ingredients that say “We Care”.

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The second step to optimal lashes and brows is our unique delivery of actives and peptides. Our peptide complex contains no ingredients that have any reported sensitivities, even the most sensitive girl in the room can use our formula. MarkusScottCosmeceuticals not only uses the most active peptides in the lash and brow market... but we choose a delivery that allows you to get the most optimal benefits from the peptides. Once again MarkusScottCosmeceuticals choose to go alone in introducing an ingredient nobody else is using... Caffeine! Caffeine acts as a stimulant and there by increases blood flow to the target area and also allows better absorption of the peptides.

Better delivery of peptides = Better growth and volume

The last step in our quest for making the absolute best lash/brow health and growth formula is adding beneficial vitamins and conditioners that cause no irritations. When you apply Long Lashing Complex to your lash line the small particles of the peptides and actives are absorbed quickly to the target area... but as you blink the larger particles of the conditioners vitamin e, castor oil, panthenol, hydrolyzed silk and hyaluronic acid work down the lashes providing lustre, shine and protection. No more need too worry about the damages from harsh cleansing, using mascara, lash extensions and curling can do.

Conditioned lashes = Thicker and darker lashes

We can proudly say Long Lashing Complex not only competes with the $100 lash serums... but in our humble opinion... we feel we’re doing a little more ;)


The quest for beauty has many choices for the consumer to choose from which can make your decision quite difficult. Two of the most widely used procedures are Medical Micro-Needling and Botox. How are they similar? How are they different? Which is the best choice for me? Although I don't use Botox, or even offer it as a treatment... I've seen the benefits it can offer some individuals.

Botox is a popular anti-wrinkle treatment that is very effective in smoothing the appearance of deep lines and furrows. This is achieved by injecting the underlying muscle, partially paralyzing it. The injection contains neurotoxin botulinum toxin which comes from a bacterium that restricts the muscle mobility that creates the most common frown lines and crow's feet. Botox can noticeably reduce the effect of wrinkles within just 24 hours, but it will slowly diminish in 3-6 months.

I've been offering Medical Micro-Needling Treatments for more than 12 years for both scalp and face. Micro-Needling is natural, no injections and like Botox no downtime, making it a widely recognized effective treatment for anti-aging. The process involves tiny needles (read pain management with CBD) that create microscopic punctures that close almost immediately. The body then works to repair these mini wounds from the inside/out. Newly formed capillaries increase blood flow, and result in collagen, elastin and melanin creation. You will have improved texture, tone and structure to your skin. There is virtually no risk of infection or scarring from the procedure. Results usually unfold over a period of 2 weeks to 3 month after the procedure and will continue improving for many months after albeit at a much slower rate.

Depending on your needs you may choose one or both, using Medical Microneedling to improve the surface, tone and deeper condition of the skin health, with Botox injections to help improve deeper furrows and lines immediately. As complimentary treatments both Botox and micro-needling can help you reach your anti-aging goals and over time you'll find the space between Botox treatments will get longer. Both are safe and effective for patients of all skin types.

Lalena is co-founder and managing partner at MarkusScott Cosmeceuticals. She has been delivering anti-aging treatments through her Lavayda business for more 12 years and creating high performance formulations for over 20 years.


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